Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nokia Black Box X kuanth

Science has it that a black box is a device, system or object viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without knowledge of its internal workings, that is, its implementation is "opaque" (black). Hence, almost anything might be referred to as a black box: a transistor, an algorithm, or the human mind.
Hence, the human mind feeds, the human mind breeds. A feeling. A whim. A muse. Maybe an idea. A thought. A spark. Into the Nokia Black Box and born a purpose. To arouse. To nudge. To seed many a minds. Nokia curates the entire ensemble. Of different manifestations and renditions of the whimsical, the strange, the enlightened. All evoke a sense of curiosity while each experience is as unique as its contributor.
Kuanth. Ivanho Harlim. Desmond Tan. Joshua Cheung. Dexter Ng. Eddie Halim. Peter Khor. The Design Society. Stefan Khoo. The Observatory. DJ Ko Flow. Skye Tan. Flesh Imp.
Enter the Black Box.