Friday, May 09, 2008

Tiger Translate Museum 05/2008 part(4)

Tiger Translate Museum 05/2008 part(3)

Audiences inject their "energy" and creativity by stamping and drawing on the mural, as a part of the installation.

Tiger Translate Museum 05/2008 part(2)

Theme of Event: Energy
Co-creation of life and energy in my futurepolis comes from constructive interaction and integration with nature.

Tiger Translate Museum 05/2008 part(1)

"Unearth mind-blowing gems from local creative hotshots in this exclusive museum-on-the-streets initiative. House in quaint shops amidst the chic Club Street precinct, the exhibits are bold, progressive and represent the best in contemporary arts and design."

Artists include Anthony Chong, Alan Leong, Rajinder Singh, Pixel Pastry, Jason Quek, Andy Yang, Momorobo, fFurious, Ee Shaun and me.

Thanks Tiger (, Assembly and Anthropology (33 Erskine Road #01-06/07, Singapore 069333) for such a wonderful opportunity.
Also thanks Sin for the set up and ideas.